Machine Dowel Pins Dimensions Calculator was developed according to ASME B18.8.2 standard to show dimensions of hardened ground machine dowel pins (inch).

The dowel pins are intended for applications where precise locating of mating parts is essential, such as, for doweling hardened tool and machine components or to serve as stops, guides, and load bearing pins, etc., where strength, shock, or wear factors necessitate a hardened pin.

Some important notes from the ASME B18.8.2 standard:

- Hardened ground machine dowel pins are furnished in two diameter series: Standard Series intended for initial installations; and Oversize Series intended for replacement use.

- The ends of hardened ground machine dowel pins shall be reasonably flat and perpendicular to the axis of pin. One end of pin shall be pointed and the other end crowned.

- The tolerance on the length of hardened ground machine dowel pins shall be ±0.01 in.

- Hardened ground machine dowel pins shall be made from any carbon or alloy steel.

- Pins shall be case hardened. At manufacturer’s option, pins smaller than 1⁄8 in. nominal size may be through hardened.

- Designation: Name, Pin Series, Nominal Pin Dia., Length, Material and Finish. Ex: Pin, Hardened Ground Machine Dowel - Standard Series, 3⁄8 x 1 1⁄2, Steel, Phosphate Coated


Nominal Pin Size
Pin Series


Dowel Pins Dimensions
Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Nominal Size - --- inch
Nominal Pin Diameter - ---
Basic Pin Diameter Abas ---
Maximum Pin Diameter Amax ---
Minimum Pin Diameter Amin ---
Maximum Point Diameter Bmax ---
Minimum Point Diameter Bmin ---
Maximum Crown Height Cmax ---
Minimum Crown Radius Rmin ---
Preferred Nominal Lengths Lnom ---

Note The tolerance on the length of hardened ground machine dowel pins shall be ±0.01 in.


Link Usage
Dowel Pins Hole Sizes (Inch) Shows suggested hole sizes for press-fitting standard series machine dowel pins (inch) into materials such as mild steels and cast iron.

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