Torsion calculations of solid square section under twisting moment can be done with the following calculator. The calculator is only valid for solid square shafts (sections).

Torsion of Square Tube Calculator:

Torsion in Solid Square Section
Parameter Value
Twisting Moment [T]
Width [2a]
Section length [L]
Modulus of rigidity [G]

Note: Use dot "." as decimal separator.


Parameter Value
Maximum shear stress [τmax]* ---
Angle of twist [θ] ---
Torsional stiffness constant [K] ---

Note: *Maximum shear stress is at the midpoint of each longer side for a≥b.


Angle of Twist: The angle through which a part of an object such as a shaft is rotated from its normal position when a torque is applied.

Modulus of rigidity (modulus of elasticity in shear): The rate of change of unit shear stress with respect to unit shear strain for the condition of pure shear within the proportional limit. Typical values Aluminum 6061-T6: 24 GPa, Structural Steel: 79.3 GPa.

List of Equations:

Parameter Equation
Angle of twist [θ] $$\theta =\frac { TL }{ KG }$$
Maximum shear stress [τ] $${ \tau }_{ max }=\frac { 0.601T }{ { a }^{ 3 } } $$
Torsional stiffness constant [K ] $$K=2.25{ a }^{ 4 }$$

Symbol Parameter
T Twisting moment
K Torsional stiffness constant
2a Edge length
L Length of the beam
G Modulus of rigidity